01 General Advices

Your valuable SIMPURO - products deserve your attention when caring for them, so that they will give you pleasure for a very long time.

 Please do not push sharp-edged furniture over the carpet.

 Vacuum clean your carpet regularly with a smooth attachment / nozzle.

 Loose fibres on a new wool carpet are normal. They are fibres, which, after shearing are still loose in the carpet. Regular vacuuming will remedy this problem.

 Longer threads in the pile you can simply cut off with a pair of scissors. They are simply threads that were pushed downward during knotting and only surfaced due to the vacuum cleaning.

 If you spill any liquids you should immediately dab the area with absorbent kitchen paper. Please do not rub. You can then treat the spot with lukewarm water (adding a little detergent suitable for wool). Then, while still damp brush it carefully. Make sure you are not brushing against the nap. The carpet should be completely dry before you walk on it again.

Label STEP - fair trade carpets
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