01 Hemp Fiber

Hemp (Cannabis) is part of the family of the hemp plants and one of the oldest natural plants in the world. Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) was already used in China at least 10.000 years ago. "Ma", as the Chinese called hemp, supplied them not only with tasty and nourishing seeds but from very early on, they also appreciated the unusual long stems with their virtually indestructible fibres. In the Shen nung pen Ts'ao king, a medical text, estimated to have been written at the beginning of our western calculation of time, the author describes hemp as a remedy for malaria, rheumatism and many other ailments.

Hemp fibres are especially important as a raw material for SIMPURO - carpets because of their longevity, harmlessness and resistance to pests. Moreover, hemp is extremely resistant to saltwater and also absorbs less water than cotton. Due to this fact new areas of application for SIMPURO - carpets have been created - for instance on yachts and in beauty spas etc.

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