01 Nettle Fiber

The stem, especially of old plants of the big stinging nettle has very long and tough bast fibres. Thousands of years ago nettle thread - also called nettle fibre was produced from this plant. In addition (together with the resin from the birch tree) arrowheads and feathers were attached to arrows (see fossil records from the 3rd and 4th century A.D. from Nydam and Thorsberg at the archaeological museum of Schleswig). Furthermore, the fibres are also useful for the manufacture of nettle cloth, which is tougher than linen, as well as fishing nets and rope. The single fibre of the stinging nettle can only reach a maximum of 250 millimetres. With cultured versions a fibre length of 52 millimetres could be reached.

The extraordinary characteristics of the stinging nettle fibre are - among others - it is very tough and is able to absorb a great deal of moisture, swell like cotton and has a certain kind of splendour.

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